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Vigilante Hacktivist Group Anonymous Malaysia Warns Govt To Tighten Cybersecurity

In a video released on social media on Monday, 25 January, the vigilante cyberactivist group said it is sending a "wake-up call for the government of Malaysia".The two-minute video features a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask - the face of the global Anonymous movement notorious for its cyberattacks on governments worldwide - reading from a piece of paper."Your security system is low, all data may be leak. This can […]

today26 January 2021

Social News

Najib Denies Using An Israeli Company To Spy On Civilians And Opposition

CTech noted that it is not common for government spy deals to be exposed, and it is even rarer to have written evidence over such arrangements.If it were not for Senpai's co-founders being entangled in a financial dispute which led to the company's documents reaching Tel Aviv courts, the world would never have known of these highly-classified dealings between the Malaysian government and... Click here to read the full article. […]

today29 May 2020