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Home Baker Alleges That 2 Delivery Riders Ate Her Customers’ CNY Cookies

"Both deliveries had different riders, and they seemed to know each other because they were chatting in front of my house after I handed them my customers' cookies," she recounted.Linly said she couldn't believe it when her customers started to send her a barrage of angry messages awhile later."They messaged me 'Is this how you sell your cookies?', 'Your service sucks', 'So disappointed', 'I feel cheated by you', 'Why my […]

today8 February 2021

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Customer Attacks Delivery Rider For Not Sending Food To His Doorstep

A Twitter user, simply known as Daniel, took online to share a video of the incident that he received from a friend in a foodpanda rider group chat.In the 20-second video, a man can be seen angrily holding a delivery rider to the ground and repeatedly trying to choke him.Speaking to SAYS, Daniel said that according to his friend,Β the customer had insisted for his food to be delivered to his […]

today27 November 2020

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This Pilot Of 9 Years Becomes A foodpanda Rider In Order To Provide For His Family

Never in a million years, did Khairul expect that one day, he would become a foodpanda rider.Β During the Movement Control Order (MCO), Khairul did not have a source of income for a long period of time. He was put on unpaid leave by his company and during that period, he felt lost and didn't enjoy sitting at home.Β However, his career as a pilot enabled him to quickly get back on […]

today25 November 2020

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Grab Rider Delivers Food To Customer Despite Having His Phone Stolen Along The Way

In a post published yesterday, 27 October, Facebook user Heidy Imt shared how a friend of his β€” Amanda Choi β€” encountered a food deliverymanο»Ώ putting aside his personal problem just to fulfil his duty at hand first."This [happened] to a friend of mine today," Heidy said."She was waiting for her GrabFood and when it was stated that the rider [was] about to reach her place, she went down to […]

today28 October 2020

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Young Doctor Driving BMW Gets Beaten Up After Accident Involving Food Delivery Rider

The incident took place on Jalan Haji Jaib, near Econsave Muar, last Saturday, 17 October, reported China Press.The doctor was driving alone at 8pm that night when he suddenly collided with a food delivery rider. It is unclear how the accident happened, but a photo reveals that the collision severely damagedΒ the left side of the BMW, while the rider sustained injuries and was lying on the... Click here to read […]

today19 October 2020