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PDRM Arrests 2 Men Who Evaded Its Officers By Ramming Into Other Vehicles In Sungai Buloh

Initially, the duo, who were reportedly trying to escape Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) officers, managed to speed off by ramming and squeezing between a lorry and a Perodua Myvi.Cops were chasing them as they were suspected of having been in possession of heroin.While a 35-year-old man, who was behind the wheels, was arrested in the Desa Aman residential area, another suspect, who is in his 40s, was finally caught at […]

today27 February 2021

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Video Shows Driver In Sungai Buloh Ramming Into Other Vehicles To Evade PDRM Officers

However, the Proton Waja driver continues to ignore them both and the shooting.The driver, who was reportedly trying to escape Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) officers, eventually manages to speed off by squeezing between the lorry and the Perodua Myvi.The entire incident is said to have taken place around 1pm and was captured on video by the driver of another car, who was right behind the suspect's Proton Waja.The video, which […]

today26 February 2021

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[QUIZ] React To These Everyday Situations & We’ll Guess What Kind Of M’sian Driver You Are

No matter what kind of vehicle you're driving, Continental has got you covered for all your tyre needs. With their wide range of tyres, each crafted to exact specifications, Continental is committed to delivering excellence.Their tyres are vigorously tested, and the results are confirmed repeatedly by independent tests around the world. Their tyres must also pass hundreds of vehicle manufacturers’ stringent tests to ensure they perform to the highest standards.So, […]

today24 December 2020

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These 10 Habits Actually Damage Your Car

We're always looking for ways to get more comfortable, but if you drive a manual and are resting your hand on the gear shift, it's time for you to break the habit!Β When you change gears, the selector fork is pushed against the rotating collar, and the collar is then pressed into the gear you choose. By resting your hand on the gear shift, you cause the selector fork to come […]

today30 September 2020

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Video Shows An Intoxicated Driver Crash Into Myvi After Driving Against Traffic In PJ

The video, posted on the Facebook page of Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS on Saturday, 5 September, shows the driver of the Volvo attempting to bulldoze the Myvi backwards, as alarmed onlookers try to intervene.In the video that is over a minute-long, the Volvo driver, who is a man, continues to push forward against the Myvi as its female driver blares her car horn in an attempt to make him... Click here […]

today6 September 2020

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Beware, Drivers! You Will Now Have To Go To Court If Caught Using Your Phone While Driving

On 8 August, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) released a statement on their Facebook affirming that phone usage in vehicles is considered a non-compoundable offence.Β  Offences of this nature will require you to attend a court hearing. Overloading passengers in a vehicle and using the emergency lane without a valid reason are also examples of non-compoundable traffic... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today14 August 2020