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‘Online Guru’ Who Charges RM4,000 For An Entrepreneur Class Replies To Scam Accusations

A recent Facebook post centred around an online guru advertising his class, which is known to have cost thousands of ringgit in the past, is going viral for 'exposing' bad reviews "We're doing a community service. We notice this 'guru's ads are coming up again on Facebook and YouTube," wrote Aurizn Malaysia, an automobile and lifestyle platform."Here are some screenshots from people who attended his classes when it popped up […]

today17 January 2021

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‘Datuk Seri’ Cosmetics Entrepreneur Arrested For Trafficking Drugs Worth RM5 Million

"In the first raid, police caught two brothers, aged 25 and 31, who were in a Ford Mustang at the location's roadside," said Selangor deputy police chief Deputy Commissioner Datuk Arjunaidi Mohamed.Upon checking the Ford Mustang, police found 120 Chinese tea packets containing methamphetamine weighing 126.86 kilogrammes, estimated to be worth RM5 million.They also seized the sports car, believed to be worth around RM500,000.The sports car was registered under one […]

today14 November 2020

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[VIDEO] Influencer Splashed With Air Sirap For Talking Loudly At A Shah Alam Restaurant

According to Hype, a Facebook user said the individuals involved in the incident know each other, while Eein, who is also an entrepreneur of a cosmetic product,Β had in the past appeared in the restaurant owner's video.It is also learned that the attacker, Ridhuan Wan, has since made a public apology over the incident as well.So it seems like the incident is not a marketing gimmick after all.On Monday, 12 October, […]

today14 October 2020