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Social News

Pythons Emerge After KL Flood Because 2020 Isn’t Over Yet

Bernama TV shared a video of onlookers watching as a snake was spotted near a van in Setapak. It is very rare for pythons to kill humans, although not completely impossible. According to National Geographic, humans are not normally part of these snakes' prey.There are past cases where pythons strangled humans but it only happens if the snake is hungry enough. However, it is an... Click here to read the […]

today11 September 2020

Social News

If You Have Leftover Food From Events, This Team Will Collect It And Give It To The Needy

Weddings, events, and parties often have large amounts of leftover food that go to waste Malaysians throw out up to 16,688 tonnes of foodΒ daily – enough to feed 12 million people three times a day! And that number increases especially during festive seasons. If you have surplus food from an event or party, you can consider contacting this Malaysian social enterprise that helps to... Click here to read the full […]

today8 September 2020

Social News

Malaysians Leave Public Mess After Hungry Ghost Festival

Yap posted theΒ video on his Facebook page to show his disappointment with the Malaysian Chinese who failed to clean up their rubbish after their prayers."Attention Malaysian Chinese, we have been in this country for hundreds of years. How do you expect others to ever respect us when we leave our trash out like this?"Β he ranted in Cantonese.According to Yap, no other country, including... Click here to read the full article. […]

today4 September 2020