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Google Doodle Honours Malaysian Doctor Who Designed The Original N95 Mask

His name is Dr Wu Lien-teh and he was born in Penang on 10 March 1879.He finished his medical studies in 1903 and joined the Institute for Medical Research in Kuala Lumpur as its first research student. A year later, he started his private practice on Chulia Street, George Town.Google said that it is dedicating the Doodle to Wu for his invention that curbed the Manchurian plague, which occurred more […]

today10 March 2021

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CafΓ© Owner’s CCTV Footage Doesn’t Show Other Angles Where People Were There

She said that while she does not want to give up, it seems the case is hopeless."I already shared the CCTV footage for proof, the place is not crowded, still, there is no response," Nur Izzati was quoted as saying by Utusan Malaysia.She admitted that while she "was wrong for not wearing face mask right after I stepped out of the car", all she wants is for everyone to know […]

today23 January 2021

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CafΓ© Owner Shows CCTV Footage As Proof She Was Wrongfully Fined For Not Wearing A Mask

According to Nur Izzati, on the day of the incident, she had gone to her cafΓ© to prepare meals for her kids and that she was there before the outlet's opening hours."I exited my car and went to get my youngest child from the passenger seat and there were no passers-by around me. Suddenly, a patrol car stopped and the officer issued me a compound of RM1,000 for not wearing […]

today22 January 2021

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Is Your Face Mask Actually Protecting You? Here Are 4 Things To Look Out For

All tested and approved face masks recommended for use during this pandemic are usually three ply ones, consisting of three individual layers:1. Outer layerA layer of non-woven fabric. This serves as a waterproof barrier that repels droplets and moisture expelled by people while talking, coughing, or sneezing.2. Middle layerActing as filter, this layer is usually created from polypropylene (PP) melt-blown non-woven fabric. It has electrostatic properties which helps to trap […]

today19 January 2021

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10 Stores That Sell Reusable Face Masks In Malaysia

If you're looking for plain black face masks, these are made using a microfiber cloth, making them dry extremely quickly and super comfortable to wear. If the straps get worn out, you can buy replacements, which they sell too. Each mask comes with a slot for filters that are also for sale.Β Price: RM8 each for both adult and kid sizes. If you get the bundles, the prices are cheaper.To order, […]

today4 November 2020

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Video Of A Teen Crying After He Was Fined RM1,000 For Pulling Down His Mask Prompts Anger

They accused the PDRM of being unfair in its enforcement of the rule."A teen gets fined RM1k for not wearing a mask at a train station. Meanwhile, ministers freely participate in political/govt gatherings in indoor areas with participants not wearing a mask or wearing it incorrectly. Where is the compassion for the rakyat? Where is the rule of law?" tweeted CodeBlue Editor-In-Chief Boo... Click here to read the full article. […]

today9 August 2020

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Senator Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Spotted Campaigning In Johor Without A Mask

Earlier today, 9 August, Senator Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal posted a set of three photos on his official Twitter account In two of the photos, Wan Ahmad Fayhsal, who is the Deputy Minister of Youth and Sports in the Perikatan Nasional (PN) administration, is seen sitting around a round table with 12 other men. The Bersatu Senator is seen without a face mask while more than half... Click […]

today9 August 2020