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Man In KL Caught With 15 CMCO Travel Permits Believed To Be Fake

"We will see whether they are for personal use or being sold to interested parties," he said.In the meantime, the suspect has been remanded for four days until 27 April.The case is being investigated under Section 22(d) of the Emergency (Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases) (Amendment) Ordinance 2021, Anuar added."The act of falsifying the CMCO travel permit, which runs contrary to the current directive of the National Security Council […]

today25 April 2021

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Relatives Of Unlicensed Beauticians Apologise To Coco Siew’s Family

He told China PressΒ that it was her first time going for a cosmetic surgical procedure, which unfortunately, was also her last.While busy with funeral arrangements, the brother said the the family has been accumulating evidence to take legal action against the beauticians who caused the death of his sister.He added that Siew's fiancΓ©, who she had been dating for over five years, is currently in South Africa and has been […]

today22 October 2020

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Model Coco Siew Dies During Liposuction By Unlicensed Beautician

It was reported by the Chinese dailies that Siew started her modelling career at the age of 16 when she won the Asia New Star Model Contest in Petaling Jaya as a Form 4 student in 2013. A close friend of Siew's, a Facebook user named Ke Xin, has also since taken to social media to write a dedication in her memory which went viral overnight, being shared over 24,000 […]

today19 October 2020