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Social News

Homeless Dad Who Sold Yau Char Kwai To Support His 2 Daughters Has Passed Away

With many Malaysians eager to lend a helping hand, Facebook user Joe Yap in the Caremongering Malaysia Facebook group warned of fake fundraisers."Please do not make contributions to anyone on Joni’s behalf. We are not collecting any funds for him. All are taken care of, as of now."The Good Samaritan told SAYS that they are in the process of getting approval from an embassy to retrieve Joni's body and funeral […]

today31 March 2021

Social News

Homeless Dad Who Sells Yau Char Kwai In Serdang Now In Hospital

In the Caremongering Malaysia Facebook group, Joe YapΒ shared yesterday, 17 December, that she sent the homeless father to the hospital after learning that he was having trouble breathing."I guess many of you have heard of the story of this guy who sells yau char kwai at Seri Kembangan with two young girls," Yap wrote."This man's name is Joni Saragih. He is now having breathing difficulties and I just sent him […]

today18 December 2020

Social News

Internet’s Generosity Helps 25-Year-Old Donate Over 350 Pieces Of Sushi To The Hungry

"The next day I sold 1,000 pieces of my RM1 sushi. I never expected to sell out within two hours! I had not even opened and people were waiting," he wrote excitedly on Facebook.He said the response has been so encouraging, and that out of the total, people donated 350 additional pieces to the needy."I'm so grateful that everyone was so generous even though they also wanted to buy cheap […]

today27 October 2020

Social News

Dad’s Reunion With His 3 Daughters After Being Apart For 7 Months Will Leave You In Tears

He wears a face mask covering almost his entire face and brings along a small ladder as well as a bucket of tools to fix the air conditioner in the living room.At first, the children are doing their usual things at home; some are walking around the house, some are watching the television.However, after a while, the children β€” aged five, eight, and 10 β€” find something is amiss with […]

today16 October 2020

Social News

Photos Show Man Selling Headscarves At Gas Station To Provide For His Children Amidst MCO

As Malaysia goes through its extended partial lockdown to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus, many are finding it hard to sustain their families' basic needs as non-essential business activity remains shut In fact, a recent survey by the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) has indicated that the number of jobs lost to the Movement Control Order (MCO) is likely to be more than... Click here to read the […]

today25 April 2020