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Gamuda Cove Offers #LetsDiscover 2021 New Year Bonanza Packages On Boat Cruises & More

In fact, if you buy now the promo is valid until 30 April 2022. That is an awesome deal!Not just your regular park, Discovery Park at Gamuda Cove offers thrilling activities, one-of-a-kind hangout spots, and family-friendly facilities. It has unique attractions, including Southeast Asia's first Aerobar, and the gorgeous Paya Indah Discovery Wetlands.Located along the ELITE Highway, Discovery Park at Gamuda Cove is the place to be in 2021.Reserve your […]

today8 January 2021

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Attention, Paw-rents! Here Are 5 Things You Can Do At This 60-Acre Pet-Friendly Park

With so many facilities and amenities, Gamuda Cove is an accessible and fun place to both stay and visit. It's a 5G-ready township that is connected via an integrated network of walkways, bikeways, motorways, tramways, waterways, and shuttle buses! Cool.The 1,530-acre township is also the most vibrant city in Southern Klang Valley. Laid out on over 370-acre of commercial land located at the heart of the city, this township is […]

today30 November 2020

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This Gorgeous Township Is The Most Vibrant City In Southern Klang Valley. Check It Out

With various facilities, amenities, and conveniences, Gamuda Cove is an accessible and stress-free place to live. Everything you need is only 10 minutes away, so it's fast and easy to get things done. You'll definitely be able to live #thegoodlife there!They also promote good living standards through their five pillarsβ€”Live Connected, Live Vibrant, Live Smart, Live Well, Live Green.The 1,530-acre township is also the most vibrant city in Southern Klang […]

today20 November 2020