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This Video Of A Little Boy Missing His Frontliner Parents Will Totally Make You Tear Up

They've played a huge role in helping to mitigate the pandemic and keep us safe, while making such big sacrifices like working long hours, not being able to see their families, and taking on all the fear and anxiety that comes with their jobs.The truth is we have no idea what it's really like to work on the frontlines. The sacrifices they and their families make every day just to […]

today7 September 2020

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[VIDEO] 14 Must-Watch Hari Kebangsaan Ads That’ll Make You Laugh, Cry, And Beam With Pride

This Hari KebangsaanΒ video by Sunway Group was inspired by the true story of Jeperin Rasdu, a Sabahan who grew up in poverty and had a tough childhood. Nevertheless, thanks to the help and guidance of generous and kind people around him, he was able to grow into who he is today. Now, he contributes back to society with SOLS 24/7, a charity partner of the Lost Food Project, one of […]

today28 August 2020

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9 Local Board Games That Are Uniquely And Ridiculously Malaysian

The brainchild of four teachers - James Choong, Sophia Ngiaw, Liew Kah Hoong, and Raee Yeoh - who met in Sarawak during a Teach For Malaysia programme, The Cikgu Life introduces players to what a cikguΒ actually experiences in a typical Malaysian classroom.And if you remember your school days, it definitely isn't easy.The bestΒ cikgus, both in real life and in the game,Β have to handle... Click here to read the full article. […]

today22 August 2020