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M’sians Are Angry At A Dutch Designer For Her Remarks About Baju Kurung & Local Culture

The feature was done by an East Asia-based writer Thomas Bird for the South China Morning Post (SCMP) on Friday, 15 January. In it, he interviewed Lisette Scheers, who is the founder of Nala Designs.In the feature, Lisette, while reminiscing about Kuala Lumpur in the 1970s, said the city was "more like a big kampong" as "there were no malls" and "everyone knew each other. And it was safe, too".She […]

today17 January 2021

Social News

DAP Will Be Kingmaker If Malays Are Divided

"In 1964, I won the election in Kota Setar Selatan by 4,200 votes. This means that I was strong. In the constituency, there were 40,000 voters of which 35,000 of them are Malays. At that time, I was quite popular. That's why I won the 1964 votes β€” because the Malays supported me," the Malaysiakini interview quoted the nonagenarian as saying."In 1969, I expected to win. But because of... Click […]

today12 September 2020