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Using Cotton Buds To Clean Your Ears Is Bad. Here’s Why

Earwax, also known as cerumen, is a thin layer of wax produced by your ear canals to protect its lining as well as the eardrum from getting irritated by foreign particlesΒ such asΒ dust, hair, water, and occasionally, insects.Other than things visible to the eyes, earwax also protects your ears from infections."People think that earwax is dirty and needs to be cleaned, but earwax has... Click here to read the full article. […]

today3 September 2020

Social News

Malaysian Mental Health Experts Share How To Respond To Someone Who Is Feeling Suicidal

"With friends and family, the most practical steps that you can do are to keep an eye out for changes that you notice in them. Sometimes, it's the subtle changes that could be indicative of something bigger going on. And in those times, it never hurts to just ask and see if all is well, and if not, if there's anything that you can do to help," Low explained to […]

today3 August 2020