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Here Are 6 Emotional Support Helplines In Malaysia For Children & Teens In Distress

PS the Children encourages children experiencing sexual abuse and exploitation to speak up, be heard, and receive help. To build safer communities and protect children's rights, they organise frequent educational programmes, campaigns, forums, and conferences for the general public.Importantly, they provide prevention, intervention, and treatment services to children and families suffering from sexual abuse. They foster an environment of trust whereby children can freely voice out... Click here to read […]

today27 April 2021

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Husband Jumps Into Sea To Rescue Wife Who Fell Over The Penang Bridge

Her husband told the authorities that she has been suffering from depression for the past few years.According to the local authorities, they are still probing the matter further.Prior to the incident, the woman had arrived on the bridge in a Proton Saga Aeroback, according to an eyewitness, reported New Straits Times.Soon after she fell over the Penang Bridge, her husband and son arrived there on the motorcycle."He (the husband) also […]

today17 April 2021

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I’m Suicidal. What’s Next?

Subscribe to our Telegram channel for our latest stories and breaking news. I'm undergoing medication for my suicidal thoughts I thought I was not ashamed of the fact that I am on medication for my depressive episodes and suicidal thoughts until my most recent appointment when it was decided that it's time to try to increase my antidepressants and to add a new medication into my treatment. My doctor and […]

today2 April 2021

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3 Malaysian Mental Health Mobile Apps If You Need Somebody To Talk To

The Help Talk is another popular online counselling platform for users to easily seek therapy with licensed counsellors and clinical psychologists from the convenience of their phone.According to The Vulcan Post, the app was started by clinical psychologist Alvin Tan along with two other co-founders after theyΒ realised that many couldn't afford private counselling services in Malaysia.They launched the app and website in 2017 for users to message a mental health […]

today22 February 2021

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Kampar Nurse And Her 2 Children Die After She Allegedly Sets Their Room On Fire

Hasron told New Straits Times that the victim was suffering from depression due to family and marital issues.Initial investigations revealed that the woman and her two children had been staying in the room after being separated from her husband."She was in a depressed state for the last two weeks. She told her friend that if she died one day, please arrange her funeral and don't let her family interfere," Hasron […]

today7 December 2020