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Minister Assures Investigations Into Period Spot Checks So The Practice Is Not Repeated

In a statement, the Suhakam Commissioner for Children said that a clearer disciplinary guideline must be developed to ensure such acts against female students are not repeated in the schools.According to Noor Aziah, period spot checks, physically-invasive spot checks for "forbidden items", child grooming, molestation, slapping, and pinching of nipples as forms of punishment and other invasive acts are prohibited under the law as these acts also go against disciplinary […]

today24 April 2021

Social News

Petition Seeks To Remove An MRSM Baling Teacher For Promoting Rape Culture

While his original post no longer exists, a screen recording of Norazizi's video was uploaded on Twitter by a woman named Sarah on her account. We reached out to her for permission to use the tweet for this story.According to Sarah, Norazizi is currently teaching at her high school and that she shared the video on Twitter given the huge risk he poses to young and impressionable students.In... Click here […]

today4 July 2020