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DAP Will Be Kingmaker If Malays Are Divided

"In 1964, I won the election in Kota Setar Selatan by 4,200 votes. This means that I was strong. In the constituency, there were 40,000 voters of which 35,000 of them are Malays. At that time, I was quite popular. That's why I won the 1964 votes — because the Malays supported me," the Malaysiakini interview quoted the nonagenarian as saying."In 1969, I expected to win. But because of... Click […]

today12 September 2020

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Here’s What’s Being Said After BN Won Slim By-Election With A Thick Majority

"Praise to Allah that we managed to wrest 13 district polling centres (PDM). During GE14, we lost six PDMs but due to hard work, we managed to win them back," Dr Ahmad Zahid was quoted as saying."This shows that the voters miss Barisan Nasional and we will express that in the Sabah state election, and in the 15th General Election. We will do our best to attract more voters in […]

today30 August 2020

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[TERKINI] Sah! Dr Mahathir Pilih ‘Pejuang’ Sebagai Nama Parti Politik Baru

Menurut laporan, beliau mendedahkan nama itu di media sosial hari ini, parti itu ditubuhkan kerana kesedaran dan untuk membanteras rasuah yang menghancurkan bangsa."Pilihlah. Parti kami ditubuh kerana kesedaran. Rasuah menghancur bangsa. Rasuah yang hancur orang Melayu."Jika ingin dapat jawatan dan wang. Pilih parti lain. Jika ingin tebus maruah, jika ingin kekal hak kita, pilih parti... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today12 August 2020