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Dr Adham Explains How The Fast-Track Quarantine For Ministers Helps The Economy

Speaking to The Star, he said the exemption order only applies to ministers who go abroad for investment purposes. He stressed that there is a need to create a 'travel bubble' for them.According to him, the country is losing RM600 million a day under the new Movement Control Order (MCO 2.0), and that spells an urgent need for such a leeway to bring in investments."According to the guidelines on the […]

today10 February 2021

Social News

COVID-19 Positive Man Says MOH Wasn’t Aware Of His Case Until After A Week Had Passed

In his post on Friday, 22 January, Maverick Foong, the COVID-19 patient, shared that his test results came back positive on 12 January, three days after he started to have "a slight sore throat and fever".Describing his positive result as "more deadly than I ever imagined", the 28-year-old said that his post isn't to scare anyone but to shed light on his experience with isolation, "the constant struggle to breathe […]

today24 January 2021