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Mother Shares Scary Experience Of Getting Trapped In Bathroom For 7 Hours With Her Kids

Initially, Safra said they tried to distract themselves by cleaning the bathroom together.However, with no form of orientation, she did not know how much time had passed when Mikayla said she was hungry."I asked her to drink some water from the shower," the mother said, helpless.Safra wrote she was able to breastfeed her younger daughter but only for awhile because she also soon started to feel "hypo"."I felt so weak, […]

today26 March 2021

Social News

Viral Photo Of People Praying In Emergency Lane Prompts Request From Highway Operator

"We really appreciate the patience of KLK Highway users and also the obedience of Muslims to perform prayers while on their way to the East Coast during the festive season and public holidays," it said in a statement today, 2 August."However, as the operator of the KLK Highway, we also request patience and due diligence from road users so as not to perform prayers on the emergency lane... Click here […]

today2 August 2020

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