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Can’t Travel Now? This Spa Sanctuary In PJ Will Make You Feel Like You’re In Bali

You can let the masseurs know the amount of pressure you prefer beforehand. I opted for "light pressure", which is usually just right for me as I'm pretty ticklish.While I didn't experience any discomfort, there were some parts of the massage that were lacking that extra oomph, if ya know what I mean. But, it's great for those who prefer a more gentle rub-down.Maybe it would have been better if […]

today30 April 2021

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Here’s Why You Should Check That Small Number On The Back Of Your Current Beauty Products

For example, 6M means that the product is best used within six months after the package is opened. 12M means 12 months, 24M means 24 months, and so on. Using the product after the recommended timeframe is still pretty alright, however, it may not be the best. You can usually find this symbol on skincare, makeup, shower gels, toothpaste, and other toiletries.ο»Ώ

today26 April 2021

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7 Small Malaysian Businesses That Sell Handmade Bath Bombs Online For Under RM30

BUIH started out as an experimentΒ by a Malaysian couple who were living in the UK. Even after their business growth, the couple still continues to handcraft all of their products using chemical-free materials. Their bath bombs have simple yet pretty colour schemes, with a fun name to match, including Pink Panther, Frozen, Purple Rain, Green Day and Orange Juice.You may shop these bath bombs on their InstagramΒ or their website.

today5 April 2021

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This Vintage Pressed Powder Is Also A Good Cleaning Agent

It comes in two shades: pink and white. When you touch the compressed powder, there's a velvety feel to it, almost like soft chalk or bedak sejuk (cold talcum), a traditional face mask made of fermented rice.According to several websites, the Sam Fong powder is made of three ingredients: calcium carbonate, talc, and fragrance.

today26 January 2021

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[POLL] How Extra Is Your Mandi Routine Compared To The Average Malaysian?

This shower gel contains gentle and purifying Micellar Technology, which cleanses and detoxes sensitive and delicate skin, without causing any irritation.Β Combining all the nourishment of Dove with purifying Micellar Technology means tiny micelles surround and gently lift away dirt while keeping your skin moisturised. It effectively cleanses for any occasion, whether it's dirt and impurities, removing sunscreen and lotion, chlorine from swimming, or make up at your neck area.It... Click […]

today28 December 2020

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These Amazing Malaysian Women Are Defying Stereotypes. Here’s How You Can Do The Same

This Spotlight is sponsored by Sunsilk. Ladies, are you going through a tough time right now? Image via Giphy With the ongoing pandemic, ο»Ώwomen and girls everywhere are experiencing a slump. From fun times with friends to juggling work and keeping the family together, it's a lot to handle! That's why Sunsilk wants you to Rethink Possibilities, by empowering girls all over Malaysia with the message of #IniSaatKita If you... […]

today30 October 2020