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Here’s Why Not Everything Is As Terrible As Netflix Documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ Claims

The main mantra that the documentary first drops is that sustainable fishing is a far-fetched ideology and, technically, next to impossible to achieve. In other words, it's just some empty terms.Some of the organisations shown in the documentary, Earth Island Institute β€” the organisation that issues the 'Dolphin Safe' labelling β€” and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) are slapped with intense criticism as the filmmaker, Ali Tabrizi, shines a light on […]

today7 April 2021

Social News

Man Allegedly Refuses To Pay RM660 Bill For ‘Luxury’ Seafood Platter

In a now-deleted public post, the customer described the restaurant as a dishonest business, while adding, "I haven't started eating and I was told to pay RM210 per person."According to the customer's comments, as sighted by Fatt Kee Roast Fish, he was found making slanderous remarks about them. Many of his claims are filled with discrepancies. In one instance, he allegedly told his followers not to visit the restaurant because […]

today14 December 2020