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Pythons Emerge After KL Flood Because 2020 Isn’t Over Yet

Bernama TV shared a video of onlookers watching as a snake was spotted near a van in Setapak. It is very rare for pythons to kill humans, although not completely impossible. According to National Geographic, humans are not normally part of these snakes' prey.There are past cases where pythons strangled humans but it only happens if the snake is hungry enough. However, it is an... Click here to read the […]

today11 September 2020

Social News

This Rare Blue Green Tree Python Costs RM1.8 Million

Popular among pet owners for its largely docile nature, particular varieties of green tree pythons are endangered as a result of being sold as food and for their skin - a compoundable endeavour.ο»ΏIn spite of this, the International Union for Conservation of Nature has categorised the reptile species as being of the 'least concern' in terms of endangerment. So if you happen to... Click here to read the full article. […]

today18 August 2020

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Doggo Dies Fighting A Venomous Snake To Protect Malaysian Family At Home

"Many people claimed that he was a very aggressive dog. But yesterday, he saved us [and] unfortunately we couldn't save him...," said the owner.She said it was a tragic day for her family as they suffered a precious loss in the family."Just a local breed but he meant so much to us," she lamented. "Goodbye and rest in peace, Chiko."Speaking to SAYS, Alice revealed that Chiko had been with... Click […]

today22 May 2020