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Artist Toy Nizam & 3 Malaysians Share The Stories Behind Their Life-Changing Injuries

Accidents happen every day, both big and small. While many of us leave unscathed, there are others whose lives can be changed in a blink of an eye. For illustration purposes. Image via Matthew T Rader/Unsplash For Ram*, it was a car accident that left permanent damage. "It was raining heavily and I was driving with friends... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today19 August 2020

Social News

7 Easy Things You Can Do To Put A Smile On Your Mum’s Face This Mother’s Day

Many people who wear dentures struggle to enjoy food the way they used to. That's because dentures are ten times softer than natural teeth. In addition to that, some people may be embarrassed about wearing dentures and any issues they face. So, if your mum is wearing dentures, be open with her about it. Listen to her concerns, her needs, and think of how you can help her.Not being able... […]

today30 April 2020