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Unemployment Rate To Balloon To 13% With 2.4 Million Jobless Msians Due To MCO

Prior to the pandemic, EPF noted that 19% of Malaysian children were living in relative poverty.In other words, 1.7 million children were living in a family whose parents or guardians made less than about RM2,900 β€” 50% of the median household income of the country, which is RM5,860.40% of children below the age of five experienced stunted growth due to poor nutrition, while 14,000 teens dropped out of secondary school.Based […]

today17 October 2020

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Malaysian Men Outnumber Women By Over 1 Million For 4 Years In A Row

Malay Mail reported based on DOSM's data in 2016 that Malaysia's gender ratio has been slowly widening over the past five decades - from 101 in 1980, to 103 in 1991, 104 in 2000, 106 in 2010, and to now 107.The report also noted that Malaysia's male population surpassed their counterpart by one million since at least 2016.The World Health OrganizationΒ (WHO) contended that if a country... Click here to read […]

today18 May 2020

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March Records Over 600,000 Malaysians Left Unemployed Due To MCO

The data was released by the Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM) in its Labour Force Statistics, Malaysia, March 2020Β report today, 8 May.The report noted that the current unemployment rate as of March 2020 stood at 3.9%, the highest since June 2010 (3.6%).In comparison to the same period last year, March 2020 accounted for 610,500 unemployed Malaysians, while March 2019 recorded... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today8 May 2020