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Taiping Police Issue Summons On Those Selling Mangoes And Guavas At Traffic Lights

A group of individuals in Taiping were recently issued police summons for selling fruits at traffic light junctions On Thursday, 7 January, the Taiping district police wrote about Ops Penjaja Jalanan on their official Facebook page. The post read, "The Traffic Investigation and EnforcementΒ Department (JSPT) from Taiping district police headquarters have carried outΒ Ops Penjaja Jalanan in areas under the administration of the Taiping district police headquarters on 5 January lead […]

today8 January 2021

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Woman Refuses To Wear Face Mask On ETS

However, the woman said she had one, but refused to wear it.Upon hearing that, Lee's friend made a complaint to the staff on the train. Shortly after, the train broadcasted an announcement to remind passengers to put on their face masks.Lee told SAYS that a number of passengers were also not wearing their face masks at that time. But after the announcement, everyone put on their masks, except for the […]

today5 January 2021

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Villagers In Taiping Punish Fruit Thieves By Stuffing Durian Skin Into Their Mouths

Harian Metro reported that around 3am, the 69-year-old owner went to the plantation with his friends to collect some fruits.However, they stumbled upon the thieves who were loading durians into a Toyota Hilux. With some help from other villagers, they managed to capture the perpetrators. They then tied up the bandits and stuffed their mouths with durian skin. Photos of the... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today15 June 2020

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Here Are The 10 Happiest Cities In Malaysia

The happiness index is a general measure of the welfare level of the population, including mental and physical health and well-being.In the study, it is stated that each city is ranked based on its residents' quality of life and health, happiness with family members, pleasure in working, financial management, relationship with neighbours, and community activities.Other factors, such as... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today5 June 2020