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Saarani Mohamad Sworn In As Perak’s New Chief Minister

The state has 59 assembly seats. UMNO holds 25 seats, Bersatu five, PAS three, Gerakan one, and independent one.Pakatan Harapan (PH) commands 24 seats, with DAP holding 16 seats, Amanah five, and PKR three.A simple majority of 30 seats is needed to form the new state government.In a vote of no-confidence last Friday, Faizal only received 10 votes in support of him, while 48 voted against him and one abstention, […]

today10 December 2020

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Anwar Allegedly Commands A Majority Support With Defectors From UMNO And BN

"UMNO and Barisan Nasional (BN) cannot stop MPs who have chosen to support Anwar, who wishes to be granted an audience with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong," theSundaily quoted Zahid as saying."I have been informed that many Umno and BN MPs have expressed support (for Anwar). I respect the position of those MPs."It was reported today that Zahid specifically reminded Malaysiansο»ΏΒ that UMNO... Click here to read the full article. Source:

today23 September 2020

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DAP Will Be Kingmaker If Malays Are Divided

"In 1964, I won the election in Kota Setar Selatan by 4,200 votes. This means that I was strong. In the constituency, there were 40,000 voters of which 35,000 of them are Malays. At that time, I was quite popular. That's why I won the 1964 votes β€” because the Malays supported me," the Malaysiakini interview quoted the nonagenarian as saying."In 1969, I expected to win. But because of... Click […]

today12 September 2020

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Almost 70% Of Malaysians Are Satisfied With PM Muhyiddin’s Performance

According to him, this is exemplified by the large majority of approval gained by PN and MN, despite some contrary views put forth by some leaders in the coalition."In our view, this increase of Malay voter support takes place on the back of a positive management of the COVID-19 pandemic, rapid response in dispensing financial aid to affected low-income households and businesses, as well... Click here to read the full […]

today3 September 2020

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Here’s What’s Being Said After BN Won Slim By-Election With A Thick Majority

"Praise to Allah that we managed to wrest 13 district polling centres (PDM). During GE14, we lost six PDMs but due to hard work, we managed to win them back," Dr Ahmad Zahid was quoted as saying."This shows that the voters miss Barisan Nasional and we will express that in the Sabah state election, and in the 15th General Election. We will do our best to attract more voters in […]

today30 August 2020

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UMNO Leaders Show Willingness For A Snap Election To Restore Political Stability

"One day, (the numbers) are in my court, and the next day, it is in your (PH) court. Then, it is in my (PN) court. Let's stop this uncertainty and let's have the general elections," Nazri told Free Malaysia TodayΒ on 16 June.Nazri said the election should be held at parliamentary and state levels as there is a lot of uncertainty in the states as well.The former de factoΒ law minister... Click […]

today26 June 2020

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“RM2 Million Is Like Pocket Money For Me” β€” UMNO’s Putrajaya MP Tengku Adnan

The RM2,000,000, however, is like "pocket money" for the former Federal Territories Minister, according to his own admission in the Kuala Lumpur High Court earlier today, 5 March.According to New Straits Times, Tengu Adnan, who is also known as Ku Nan, was testifying on the third day of his defence in the High Court when deputy public prosecutor (DPP) Julia Ibrahim asked him to explain... Click here to read the […]

today13 June 2020

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