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This Company With 54,000 Global Employees Just Declared That The 9-To-5 Workday Is Dead

According to the company, it ran a survey in the early day of the pandemic last year and learned that "nearly half of our employees want to come in only a few times per month".It also learned that "80% of employees want to maintain a connection to a physical space".Based on which, Salesforce says it is giving employees flexibility in how, when, and where they work.It said most of the […]

today11 February 2021

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Malaysian CEO Introduces Work From Home As A Permanent Option

"Nobody should be forced to choose work or family, you should be able to do both. And we will facilitate that, the PNB president added, revealing that their average staff age is 39 and many of them have school-going children."Key is trust, and keeping your boss and colleagues informed. And being reachable."He added that many of their staff have thrived during this period and given him... Click here to read […]

today13 May 2020