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Spotted Deer Sold By Zoo Negara Not Illegal As They Are Non-Protected Species

In its complaint against Zoo Negara, MTUC sought an explanation from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA) for the sale of six deer, reported Free Malaysia Today (FMT).All zoos in the country come under KeTSA.The MUTC had alleged that six female axis deer were sold at RM5,000 each to a private company and that it was not known if the buyer had purchased them for slaughter or for […]

today7 February 2021

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Lepas Bantu 250 Pemandu Van Sekolah, Ustaz Ebit Lew Bagi Haiwan Makan Pula Di Zoo Negara

Menerusi posting yang dimuat naik di Facebook rasminya hari ini, UEL memaklumkan beliau mendapat permintaan untuk menyelamatkan haiwan di Zoo Negara.Katanya, permintaan itu dibuat sendiri oleh pengurusan Zoo Negara susulan tidak mampu menampung kos perbelanjaan dan penyelenggaraan mereka yang berjumlah RM1 juta setiap bulan akibat Covid-19.β€œMereka (Zoo Negara) menampung kos dengan hasil jualan tiket, namun sejak Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan (PKP) sumber pendapatan kian susut.β€œSayu... Click here to read the full […]

today15 November 2020

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Rats Filmed Stealing Penguin Food In Zoo Negara Enclosure

Facebook user Li Junhao shared a post yesterday, 11 August, which showed photos and a video of rats scurrying around the enclosure."It really hurts to see the hopeless look of a penguin who is isolated and helpless [in] Zoo Negara in Malaysia," reads his caption.He told SAYS that the incident took place at around 5pm on Monday, 10 August, just as the zoo was about to close for the... Click […]

today12 August 2020

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People Question Where Zoo Negara Donations Went After “Skinny” Lion Image Goes Viral

Based on an interviewΒ by Nadia Zaman, a journalist from Bernama, Rosly shared that they were lacking meat and had switched the lion's diet to chicken, but the animal is not interested in it.According to a tweet by Nadia, Rosly explained that the 15-year-old lion, whose name is Manja Kani, may look thin but is still healthy.Β  A quick check on Google reveals that Asiatic lions... Click here to read the […]

today15 June 2020