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“Talk to Me”; A Compact, Authentic Australian Horror

today24 July 2023


A razzle-dazzle party with a severed, embalmed hand and a bunch of teenagers. What could go wrong, right?


Image via A2

The premise of this horror film somewhat reminiscent of a game of Ouija, where players can communicate with the dead. Directed by Danny and Michael Philippou (this is impressively their feature film debut, btw), Sophie Wilde plays Mia, a teenager who lost her mother and finds solace with her best friend’s family.

Mia becomes drawn to a game of communing with spirits, and that’s when everything goes really, really bad.

Image via A24

The film takes you on a roller-coaster of fear and paranoia (all in the best way possible) with inventive camera angles and amazing cinematic scores. Backed by a cast of actors and actresses who mostly don’t even have their own Wikipedia pages (yet), the performances are sympathetic and heartfelt, and one in particular will have you flinching in terror.

It’s also worth noting that the runtime is only 95 minutes — because sometimes, a shorter duration delivers the story just as effectively!

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*Cover image via A24

Written by: Farah Qistina