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Teen Hitler Fanatic Arrested In France For Planning Terror Attack On High School And Mosque

today4 October 2021


Source: History Extra

Hitler fanatic, β€œSimon” was arrested for planning an attack on a high school and a mosque in the Seine-Maritime region of France.

He had planned to stage the attacks on April 20th, Hitler’s birthday.

Simon accused the French government of not fighting β€œradical Islam” in his plea to the police.

Ironically, when Adolf Hitler was holed up in the Berlin bunker in the dying days of the second world war, one of his many regrets concerned his failure to mobilise the world’s Muslims to his cause:

β€œJust think what we could have done.. to incite them.”

He saw Nazism and Islam as natural allies. Though he considered most of its practitioners to be racially inferior, he admired Islam for its perceived martial qualities.

Simon was brought before an anti-terrorism judge on Friday (Oct 1) after being detained by the General Directorate for Internal Security (DGSI).

The 19 year old had 20 knives, 3 guns and 20 notebooks…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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