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Teens on Motorbikes in My Neighbourhood Are Trying To Run Over Dogs & Their Female Owners

today11 October 2021


For illustration purpose only. (source: Bernama)

I live in a neighbourhood in Bangsar where kids on basikal lajak are a common sight. Even on a busy road, they used to zip up and down without a care. After a while, these kids graduated to riding motorbikes (without helmets).

I used to think that the solution was simple – leave it to the authorities to catch them.

But it has recently come to my attention that the problem is directly putting lives in danger as these kids are targeting female dogwalkers and their pets in a slew of hit-and-run cases.

Over the weekend, yet another member of my community was harassed by teen bike rider who rode extremely close to her and her dog and shouted at them. According to the dogwalker, the teen on the motorbike noticed that she saw him approaching, but the teen, unfazed, went ahead and did what he did.

The incident spurred another person in our pet-owner’s community’s Whatsapp group to come forth with…

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Written by: Ben Liew