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Terengganu Implements Law Banning Hair Salons From Providing Unisex Services Within The State

today2 December 2022


The Terengganu state government has prohibited barbershops and hair salons from offering their patrons unisex haircuts.

This suggests that only male hairdressers should provide haircuts for males, and that only female hairdressers are authorised to provide haircut services for female clients.

According to the state’s executive counsellor, Alias Razak, this is an existing licensing law that falls under the oversight of the state government, rather than a new rule established by the Islamic party.

source: Harakah Daily

Yesterday, during the Terengganu Legislative Assembly, Alias also noted that owners of hair salons must comply with the rules and guidelines imposed by the local authorities and that those found violating the law risk having their license pulled or acquiring fines between RM500 and RM1,000.

He remarked, β€œIf we allow non-Muslim female hairdressers to cut the hair of Muslim customers, then they will (purposely)…

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Written by: Lara Kramer

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