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Thailand Farmers Are Feeding Their Chickens Marijuana, Claims It Results in Better Meat & Eggs

today13 June 2022


(source: The Nation Thailand / Malay Mail)

Just last week, Thailand became the first country in Asia to decriminalise cannabis and it seems like their chickens are getting in the fun too.

According to Straits Times, a farming community in Lampang has been feeding its chickens cannabis and claims this new feeding regime has improved the quality of meat and eggs.

Sirin Chaemthet, president of the Peth Lanna community enterprise, said on Saturday (11 June) that the experiment was conducted in cooperation with Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Agriculture.

The farmers decided to use cannabis after antibiotics failed to prevent their chickens from developing avian bronchitis. The president reportedly said that the chickens developed a higher immunity against disease after consuming cannabis.

Sirin added that the enterprise has been selling chicken meat and eggs at 100 baht (RM13) per kilo and 6 baht (RM0.70) a piece,…

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Written by: Karissa Lund