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The H-Tape Method And 5 Other Useful Tips To Help You Properly Prep Packages For Delivery

today9 November 2021


For those who make frequent trips to their nearest courier service, we’re looking at you.

If you send parcels on a regular basis, you’ll understand the importance of making sure it is carefully packaged before sending it off.Β 

Image from GIPHY
Image via GIPHY

Whether you’re sending a carefully curated gift to your bestie, or you’re sending multiple packages out for your small business, it’s all about taking the right precautions to ensure the contents will stay in good shape from the moment they leave your hands until they reach the receiver. Taking that extra step to load your parcels is totally worth it, as nothing beats the feeling of unboxing a well-packaged item,Β kan? πŸ˜›

Check out these simple tips that’ll help you keep your items safe during delivery:

1. Do not reuse old boxes, especially ones that have signs of wear and tear

Image from J&T Express

Image viaΒ J&T Express

Yes, it can be sooo tempting to reuse that old box you got from a previous delivery, but know there’s always the possibility of it falling apart during transit, as it no longer has the strength to hold its shape. The best thing to do is to repurpose these cardboard boxes for other uses instead of using them for delivery.

Always use boxes that are durable and in good condition. In fact, corrugated boxes are the way to go, as they are made up of a few layers of material rather than just a single sheet. This way, even fragile items will be protected during the journey to the receiver.

2. When using cushioning materials like bubble wrap to protect your item, use bigger packaging to accommodate the item

Image from J&T Express

Image viaΒ J&T Express

Keep in mind that when you wrap your item with bubble wrap, it will become bigger. You shouldn’t be squeezing your items into a package that is too small. The last thing you want is your package to split open as it’s being delivered. While the item may be wrapped in layers of bubble wrap, it will be meaningless if the item gets separated from its packageΒ  πŸ™

Use bigger packaging, and use light filler material such as packing peanuts, crumpled paper, or styrofoam to fill in the empty spaces. You can even opt for inflatable bubble wrap or airbags for your internal packaging instead of bubble wrap. Remember to use at least 5cm of cushioning!

3. Always use the H-tape method to seal your parcels securely

Image from Pinterest

Image viaΒ Pinterest

All you have to do is apply the tape across the box’s centre and edge seams. This is why it is called the H-tape method, as it forms the letter ‘H’ on the top and bottom of the box. You don’t have to waste tape by wrapping the entire package with tape to seal it, hehe.

If you’re wondering what kind of tape to use, try water activated tape, as this powerful adhesive will be bonded to the box by applying water to the sticky part of the tape.

4. Be careful if you are using newspaper to wrap items, especially when shipping objects that are white

Image from Unsplash

Image viaΒ Unsplash

You might not realise this, but it’s possible for the ink from the print newspaper to rub off onto your item! So, don’t use it to wrap fragile items like cookware or tableware. The best practice is to use the newspaper as an outer layer after the bubble wrap or even as filler material.

5. If you are packing liquids, always place the items in an upright position and include the upright label on the packaging

Image from Pexels

Image viaΒ Pexels

You need to be super careful when sending liquids. Along with ensuring that it is tightly sealed to prevent leakage, you should pack the bottles in an upright position. This is also why you need to include the upright label for liquids, so that during delivery, the handlers will take special care to not flip the box.

Spare no bubble wrap with liquid items, as you can use a minimum of three layers to wrap around each item. It’s also best to secure the base of the carton box with extra tape as a secondary precaution.

6. When in doubt, use stretch film to cover your parcel all over

Image from Pexels

Image viaΒ Pexels

This stretchable plastic film, made from polyethylene, will help keep your parcel protected from rain, stains, and scratches. If you’ve ever ordered anything from overseas, more often than not, it would be completely wrapped in stretch film, so the entire package will stay intact during the delivery process.

With these parcel packaging tips, you will experience a seamless, stress-free delivery process. πŸ˜€

And here’s where J&T Express comes into the picture. When it comes to courier services, they are dedicated to providing the best delivery experience for their customers, be it for business owners or individuals.

Image from J&T Express

Image viaΒ J&T Express

Since their establishment in 2018, their aim is to provide the fastest delivery service to both senders and receivers. With over 1,600 outlets nationwide close to residential areas, this makes it convenient for senders to travel to their outlets with ease.

To thank their customers for their continuous support, J&T Express has come up with the ‘It Is Good To Have You’ lucky draw for all their loyal customers!

Image from J&T Express

Image viaΒ J&T Express

With this lucky draw, participants can win exciting prizes such as Proton X70 or an OPPO Reno 5, just by delivering parcels via their services, woohoo!

One parcel sent via J&T Express is equal to one entry for the lucky draw, so the more you send, the higher your chances of winning your share of RM1,500,000 worth of prizes. πŸ˜€

Here’s what you’ll stand to win:

– Proton X70
– Yamaha 135LC motorcycle
– OPPO Reno 5
– Gold bar (one gramme)
– Realme Q2 earbuds

FYI, the winner will be announced via livestream on J&T Express’Β Facebook page, so be sure to tune in after the contest ends on 30 November!

Find out more about J&T Express’ lucky draw over at theirΒ website

Written by: Nabilah

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