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“The Super Mario Bros. Movie” is Everything!

today18 April 2023


This film has captured its audience from the very first frame. The vibrant colours and the glorious attention-to-detail of the characters is so unbelievable – you can even see the texture on the brothers’ clothes! 

Cover image via Universal Pictures

The film begins with a perfectly accented in-universe advertisement of the Italian brothers promoting their plumbing services. It’s hilarious and yet touching because you feel their longing to be appreciated for their crafts and to be taken seriously, especially Mario who constantly feels belittled by their father. This feeling affects him so much that he is motivated to save all of Brooklyn from a giant water leak, which leads him down the wrong plumbing pipe… 

And the adventure begins! 

Image via Universal Pictures

Mario (Chris Pratt) lands in Mushroom Island, while Luigi (Charlie Day) lands in the Dark Lands, and thus we are taken along the ride as the former embarks on a journey to rescue the latter. Joining the troop is Princess Peach, voiced perfectly by Anya Taylor-Joy. We also meet Seth Rogen’s Donkey Kong, a character from yet another beloved video game franchise, and the antagonist Bowser, voiced by Jack Black. 

Also, check out this surprisingly no-joke seriously beautiful song sung by him. 

Now be sure to catch the film and if you go to IOI City Mall, you’d be able to enjoy the Super Mario experience! 


*Cover image via Universal Pictures

Written by: Farah Qistina