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These M’sians Are Starting A Crowdsourced Map Of KL So People With Disabilities Can Access Safe Venues & Spaces

today15 September 2023


Kuala Lumpur may be the capital of the nation, but it’s no secret that the city isn’t accessible for many with physical disabilities. Pavements are uneven, potholes are plenty, and ramps for wheelchair-users are few and far between.

Meet the Malaysians making a positive change

source: NakSeni

Armani, Nurul, and Miza are advocates for accessibility and inclusivity, and are introducing an inclusive crowdsourced map for accessible, safe venues and spaces.

The project is called IncluCity by NakSeni.

While the map is aimed to support the persons with disability (PWD) community, it can also serve senior citizens, families with small children, and those who may have temporary or situational disabilities as well.

source: NakSeni

When Armani, one of the founders, was asked what made her and her team come up with this idea, she said, “If I were to invite my wheelchair user friend to meet at a cafe, I would need to check if the…

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Written by: Tharshini Skovalan

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