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“Ticket to Paradise” Takes You On a Fun, Tropical Adventure

today21 October 2022


If you enjoyed watching Julia Roberts and George Clooney’s chemistry in Ocean’s Eleven and Ocean’s Twelve, you’re in for a big treat as these two flex their comedic chops. In this flick, they play two estranged parents of a 25-year-old law graduate who team up with each other to stop their daughter from getting married to an island boy she met in Bali.


Image via Universal Pictures

The film boasts a gorgeous landscape of clear blue waters and sandy beaches, but don’t be fooled – it wasn’t actually shot in Bali but Queensland, Australia! The film also depicts Hindu Balinese culture such as metatah, where the teeth are filed down as a rite of passage. Another ritual featured is stabbed tikeh dadakan, where the bride holds up a woven mat for the groom to pierce through with a dagger. You’ll also catch the islander characters speaking Indonesia, which is very fun as a Southeast Asian audience. 


Image via Universal Pictures


While it is a light-hearted movie, the message lies in the bond between a parent and a child, even if the two parents are no longer together. It also depicts the fear that every parent has of seeing their kid repeating their mistakes, unaware that they are actually projecting their own regrets and forgetting that their child is capable of making his or her own decisions. 


It’s a cute little family flick to be shared with a few buckets of popcorn. Have fun!


*Cover image via Universal Pictures

Written by: Farah Qistina

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