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Tickets For BLACKPINK’s KL Concert Are Already Being Resold By Scalpers For Up To RM8,000

today16 November 2022


source: The New York Times

With every great upcoming show comes the dreaded possibility of scalpers who notoriously purchase tickets promptly with the intention of reselling them at an amplified price.

The same has apparently occurred with the BLACKPINK concert tix, which fans readily complained were far too exorbitant at their original price.

A few days ago, JUICE reported that the ticket prices for the Born Pink World Tour range from RM388 to RM 1,888.

The public tickets, which were actually priced as low as RM388, were even being attempted to be resold by scalpers for as much as RM780!

Additionally, there were certain seats with allocated seating that ranged in price from RM2,555 to RM2,974. Despite the fact that the zones for which these tickets are intended are not specifically stated, the tickets’ actual costs range from RM388 to RM788.

Based on whatever fits your budget, the prices are:

  • RM388 (CAT 6)
  • RM488 (CAT…

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Written by: Lara Kramer