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TikTok Clip Of “Mat Salleh” Woman Sunbathing On Median Strip in KL Leaves Netizens Amused

today1 August 2022


source: The Star

While most Malaysians detest the country’s humidity, foreigners seem to have nothing but appreciation for our scorching heat.

A TikTok video depicting a woman who netizens believe was casually sunbathing on a median strip in KL went viral yesterday, earning over 47,000 likes barely 24 hours after its publication.

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Watch here if the video doesn’t load.

Clad in a blue tank top and black shorts, the blonde woman who appears to be a foreigner is seen placing a garment, presumably a jacket, next to her before proceeding to lay on her back atop the grass.

Based on the video, the weather does indeed look tan-inducing. Nevertheless, netizens are pretty baffled by the rare sight and the woman’s chosen location to catch some rays.

Ironically, some local TikTokers claimed that the clip was recorded somewhere in Pantai Dalam, resulting in an endless stream of…

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Written by: Lara Lee

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