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Tired of Being Human? Play As a Squirrel With a Gun in Upcoming PC Game

today16 August 2022


Squirrel with a Gun on Steam

How bad is the state of your life right now?

Is your boss giving you a hard time at work?

Are Malaysian drivers tempting you to commit murder every time traffic comes to a standstill?

Did your significant other of 2 years leave you in the dust?

Well, channel all that anger and play as a squirrel with a gun in this upcoming game called – well – Squirrel With A Gun ’cause sometimes, you don’t need a creative title when the concept is good enough on its own…

Reminiscent of games like Garry’s Mod and Saints Row,Β Squirrel With A GunΒ focuses on exploration and shooting combat as you roam the streets as a furry friend with a cold vengeance towards the human race.

Despite the…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli