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Toll Jumper Gets Away With Skipping 59 Payments, Netizens React To Fine Only Being RM256.20

today17 October 2022


The Government Reveals When Tolls In Malaysia Will Be Abolished | RojakDaily
Source: Gempak

Just last week it was announced that toll fares for six major highways in the Klang Valley will be lower starting 20 October, said Prime Minister Ismail Sabri.

β€œAll these improvement works took the restructuring of toll rates into account, with supplementary concession agreements being finalised.

β€œThrough this latest restructuring, the government has saved approximately RM8.8 billion in compensation that should have been paid to the concessionaires involved. Additionally, highway users can enjoy lower toll rates to ease the cost of living,” said the PM.

Toll Jumper Silk Kajang
Source: Twitter

Yet this person couldn’t wait. On 15 October, the PROLINTAS Kajang SILK Twitter account posted about a Honda driver who had skipped past 59 tolls.

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Written by: Quinny Tan