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Top 5 Hafiz and Guibo Parodies, Happy Birthday Fly



Happy Birthday to FlyFM! who turns a year older today! Fly wouldn’t be what it is today if it wasn’t for Hafiz and Guibo. With their funny antics and laid back character that resonates to you our listeners. Without a doubt their infamous parodies have put a smile for a lot you, even myself. In conjunction with the celebration here are Top 5 best parodies from Hafiz and Guibo!

1.Their ‘I Like Malaysia Like that’ parody takes the cake. The parody is a spin off of Cardi B’s ‘I Like It Like That’ song and giving it a little Malaysian flavour. Hafiz and Guibo relentlessly show casing the amazing things that Malaysians have to offer. And not to mention the cameos of local artist such as Altimet, Aman Ra, and Airliftz!

2.We all have that one friend, that is always lambat kan? Don’t Worry Hafiz and Guibo has the right parody ‘Tunggu’ from the infamous Korean Band Black Pink that you will totally vibe with. And to all those people who are continuously lambat this one’s for you from Hafiz and Guibo!

3.Some of us are guilty of posting a picture on Instagram and the caption has no correlation to the image what so ever. Yup you guessed it, Hafiz and Guibo are exposing your secrets in their ‘Why you Tipu’ parody, a funny spin off on the hit song ‘Wolves’ by Selena Gomez. I had a good laugh watching that video and I think many of you can relate as well!

4.’Kuching Gang’, yes you heard it right, forget Gucci Gang, Hafiz and Guibo has the better gang to join which is ‘Kuching Gang’, ‘Kuching Gang’! Si Tompok and Si Belang awaits you, Come Join Hafiz and Guibo in ‘Kuching Gang’!

5.Remember during the festive Raya Season, eating all those scrumptious food and delicacies. And our favourite auntie’s that never seem to forget placing more Serunding and Lemang on your plates But with all that delicious food can sometimes backfire! Check out the ‘One Kuih’ Parody to find out what happens to Hafiz and Guibo after globing at open houses!





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