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Two Badly Beaten Detainees in Kelantan Highlight Need For Investigation on Police Misconduct

today19 November 2021


Source: Getty Images

Two detainees have been badly beaten whilst under police custody in Kelantan this month so far, reports human rights NGO Eliminating Deaths and Abuse In Custody Together (EDICT).

One of the detainees that were beaten had died from the injuries on 16th November at the Kota Baru, Kelantan police district’s lockup.Β 

On 12th November EDICT took to Twitter to address the beatings of a detainee named Syafriezan. He was badly beaten and not given treatment whilst being detained at the Bachok police district headquarters in Kelantan. The NGO also said he was denied contact with his family by police.Β Β 

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Written by: Jasmine Qistina

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