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Two Girls Outrun An Evil Doll-Wielding Spirit In Horror Game ‘Pacify’ for JUICE Girls Game

today23 February 2022


Gaming has become a huge part of pop culture and entertainment with the popularity of the PS5 and other consoles of the same vein.

Holding massive events for launches and even competitions, gaming has a grip on our current generation and it’s about high time that JUICE hops onto the bandwagon.

While we are no stranger to covering news related to gaming since we’re avid gamers ourselves, the difference between sitting down and writing an article and recording ourselves playing said games is night and day.

That’s why we are presenting our new segment called JUICE Girls Game!

Instead of thinking the team at JUICE are a bunch of well-put together adults, we want you to see us for who we truly are: chaotic messes.

With JUICE Girls Game, we hope to show you our fun side and bring you along as we scream, cry, puke (some of us actually did) and pee while playing some of the most popular games in pop culture.


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Written by: Ameera Rosli

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