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UiTM Reveals B40 Student Humiliated by Rude Lecturer Lied About Deceased Mother

today31 March 2022


Yesterday, JUICE reported on the rude lecturer who berated and humiliated her B40 student for not having a laptop.

The viral video depicting the situation became the topic of heated discussion online and most netizens were ardently against the lecturer.

The B40 student in question received sympathy from netizens after he revealed that his mother had passed away and his father was unemployed.

The pitchforks were then sharpened and directed towards the lecturer for not showing any empathy towards her student’s misfortune.

However, after further investigation, UiTM found that the student was actually lying.

Not only does he have a laptop but his mother is alive and has actually been working in a factory.

Their findings have been made public and you can read it below:


To summarise, the university investigated several students and found out that the student involved in the video was using his mobile phone to…

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Written by: Ameera Rosli

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