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Unconfirmed Graphic Video Of Cambodian Syndicate Abusing M’sian Job Scam Victim Goes Viral On Reddit

today28 September 2022


35 Malaysian job scam victims rescued at Thai-Myanmar border. (source: FMT)

The mistreatment faced by ‘Southeast Asia job scam‘ victims is no longer news to Malaysians, who are bombarded almost daily with disturbing headlines depicting the heart-wrenching stories of survivors explaining how they fought for their lives in captivity as they were exploited by ruthless syndicates.

Just yesterday, JUICE reported a Muslim woman’s account of how she was physically abused, turned into a sexual object to please men and forced to eat pork while stranded in Cambodia. To “maintain their appearances” as prostitutes, some women were also tortured, electrocuted, and forced to diet to remain thin.

The uneasiness that comes with reading and hearing about such instances is gruelling in itself, but now, Reddit users have gained access to a disturbing, low-res clip of what allegedly shows a Malaysian man being beaten to a state of…

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Written by: Lara Lee

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