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Unhinged M’sian Influencer Eira Aziera Sued for Fatshaming Facebook User

today15 June 2022


The next time you go on Facebook Live, remember that you might get sued.

That is the lesson learnt by local influencer Eira Aziera who went on Facebook and verbally-assaulted an innocent woman during her live session.

Two years ago, Aziera woke up and chose violence in response to a question from a Facebook user named Suharnizan Md Sidek who innocently asked whether the slimming product she was promoting is legitimate.

The influencer who has over 100k followers on Facebook snapped after the remark and launched her lengthy tirade by calling the commenter anak haram (illegitimate child)  and barua (pimp) instead of the traditional Malay greeting, assalamualaikum (peace be upon you).

(Eira Aziera)

She proceeded to call Suharnizan out and said “Malays who act like anak haram they’re called Suharnizan.”


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Written by: Aqasha Aiman