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Viewers Torn As Netflix Is Accused of Plagiarising 1899 From Brazilian Novelist

today25 November 2022


source: IMDB/Mary Cagnin

A few days after the release ofΒ 1899, Netflix’s new horror series, Brazilian novelist Mary Cagnin brought to Twitter her claim that Netflix stole her work for the show. Even worse, without her authorisation.

The following article will contain spoilers for 1899.

On Twitter, Cagnin wrote a detailed thread on how she believes that Netflix stole imagery and certain details from her comic bookΒ Black Silence that was published in 2016. Cagnin also attached images with side-by-side comparisons from her comic and the show to prove her point.

Since the original thread was written in Portuguese, fortunately, Twitter user @AzziStardust translated everything into English. You may find the English…

Click here to read the full article.


Written by: Charlene Jose

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