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Wanna Talk To Cats? The Meow Talk App Helps You Figure Out What That Oyen Is Really Saying

today9 September 2022


Cat intelligence - Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

You’re not Malaysian if you’ve never engaged in a meow-off with one of the many stray cats wandering our streets.

Have you ever wondered if they knew what you were saying? If they maybe thought that you were insulting their mother unintentionally, or if they were doing the same to you? Yeah, me too.

In this day and age, its true what they say – there’s an app for everything. Recently, an app called Meow Talk has been making the rounds on social media, especially in Japan.

Source: Google Play

Google Play store states that Meow Talk uses A.I. technology and translates your cat’s meows and purrs into human speech. This innovative and unique smartphone cat translator can help you understand your cat better.

There’s no telling if the translations are actually true to catspeak, but the app’s researchers say that 90% of the translations turn out to be accurate, but of course, it’s hard to be 100%…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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