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“What A Scam!” Ticket Holders Disappointed Upon Attending Much-Anticipated Billie Eilish Concert

today19 August 2022


source: Twitter (@diminienim)

If you were one of those who had to miss the Billie Eilish concert that took place last night, then you probably, like me, expected to wake up to a TL full of clips and pictures depicting a groundbreaking show, leaving you simmering with envy.

Somehow, we’re now witnessing the total opposite – that is, tons of viral content posted by concert-goers who explained, from multiple angles, why the concert didn’t live up to its initial hype.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the issues that have been highlighted so far:

1. The Faraway Stage

As seen above, there was apparently a large stretch of space between the stage and the seating area; something no attendee could have predicted by simply referring to what was portrayed by the organisers.

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Written by: Lara Lee