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What Does The Anti-Party-Hopping Law Mean? Politicians Call Out Issues That Disrupt The Economy

today29 July 2022


Is a one-chamber Parliament feasible?
Source: NST

As part of Prime Minister Ismail Sabri’s political reforms, the anti-party-hopping law that has been in the works for almost a year has finally been passed after many delays and meetings. The law was approved with a two-thirds majority.

Our country has been under the rule of three governments for the past two years, the result of many lawmakers and political figures switching parties multiple times. This caused the impression of political instability and rumours of upcoming elections to arise.

Is Ismail Sabri ready to take the plunge? | The Star
Source: The Star

The Straits Times wrote on how this may affect our nation, and these are the main points:

A Member of Parliament has the exception to the rights to freedom of association, to avoid party defections. However, a recall election will be held each time an MP switches over to another party.

Following that, states will be able to revise their constitution so as to prevent party hopping between state…

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Written by: Quinny Tan

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