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Who Could It Be? Latest Trailer For ‘You’ Season 4 Reveals That Joe Goldberg Has A Stalker

today10 January 2023


source: Hello Magazine

With a month away from the premiere of You Season 4 Part 1, Netflix has just released a new teaser. 

In the teaser, it’s revealed that Joe, our favourite creepy protagonist, is the one getting stalked this time. 

In the previous seasons, it’s always been Joe who obsessively stalks women he’s attracted to. However, this time, there seems to be a twist.

Fans have begun speculating as to who could be stalking Joe, especially now that he’s escaped his old life in America to start fresh in London.

Without further ado, here are the theories! Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for previous seasons of You.

Ellie Alves

source: Decider

After the death of her sister Delilah, Joe convinces Ellie to leave Los Angeles and start a new life somewhere else. Joe…

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Written by: Charlene Jose